vrijdag 30 oktober 2015

imagine - art journaling *13arts*

In my art journal today.
Made with the paints and mediums from 13arts.

Started to create the background with a mix of gesso and magic powder.
Made it real thick and applied it randomly to the pages.
Once dry, you can see the awesome effect from that magic powder:
Look at all the great cracks!
Had a stamp of the grass and I also drew some extra with a black fine liner.

After all the paints and stamping, I gave it another coat with some gesso to create a softer look.

Just love the textures created by the magic powder!

13arts products used:

Enjoy your day!
Ingrid xxx

zaterdag 24 oktober 2015

Trade Secrets - Helen Tilbury

Helen Tilbury, from her blog, Scrap Addict http://helentilbury.blogspot.nl/, invited me to participate in a Blog Article Series called “Trade Secrets” where she is working through the various areas of papercrafting, sharing her knowledge with “How to” posts on each different genre (ie layouts, cards, etc). 
This month she is talking about Off-the-Page projects, commonly known as OTP’s.
Not only is she sharing what she has learnt herself but she is ALSO shining the spotlight on others
‘’in the know” & compiling articles based on information given to her by each guest designer,
regarding their favourites & their process. 

Please support us both by popping over to see
my article in full, plus lots of other interesting content shared by Helen.

My article on Helen's blog: HERE

maandag 19 oktober 2015

pumpkin *13arts*

Today a fall project, an altered pumpkin.
Found a bright orange plastic one and it had to be altered.
Took me quite some gesso but now it's more an Ingrid piece, don't you think?! :)

Started this project by covering the pumpkin with kitchen paper towel and a lot of gesso.
Added all the buttons and gears.
Mixed some glass filler and gesso and randomly applied it to the project.
Now it was time to add all the paints.
For the light green color I mixed the matte lime with the matte pistachio.
For the next step I sprayed the big 13arts paper flowers with the orange paint.
Glued all the other embellishments, a light touch of gesso and it's done!

Here is the original pumpkin.

The mix of gesso with the glass filler gives a great texture!

For these paper flowers I randomly applied some gesso before the paints.
Once dry, I again applied some more gesso to get this look.
This way it's easier to get and keep the whiteness of the gesso.

Some 13arts twigs with a touch of gesso.

Lovely textures.

Some cherry blossom flowers.

13arts products used:

Enjoy your day!
Ingrid xxx

donderdag 8 oktober 2015

letterbox *13arts*

Today I have another altered project to share with you.
My daughter had bought a blanco wooden letterbox and she was so kind enough to let me alter it!
After some paints, flowers, pearls, gesso and even some stamping too, this is the final result:

I started this project by creating the background with a mix of magic powder and gesso.
Pressed some grey light grit into the wet mix.
Added all the paints.
Once dry, I gave it a touch with some gesso.
Seriously, I can't make any project without gesso! LOL

Stamped some small letters.

This wooden flourish piece was already on the box.

Purple flowers with a touch of the gesso.

Just love the effect of the gesso and magic powder effect.
Look at those big cracks, sooo yummy! 

These chipboard letters were given a coat with the white Splash ink.

Enjoy your day!
Ingrid xxx