dinsdag 31 maart 2015

precious - sketchabilities #136 and 13arts

13arts and sketchabilities are teaming up again!
Made this layout of my precious girls with lots of all the new goodies from 13arts!

Created a lot of texture with the mika flakes and the grit.

Added the new Splash! color turquoise, which is going to be a new favorite of mine! :)

Did you know that 13arts also has awesome basic scrapbook pages?
This is a gorgeous white striped one.

13arts products used:

Enjoy your day! 
Ingrid xxx

zondag 29 maart 2015

easter egg girl *13arts*

Have you seen all the awesome new products from 13arts?
Lots of new papers, stencils, mika flakes, colored fine-grained grit, new Splash! ink!!!
I was inspired by all of these goodies and created this easter egg girl.
Wanted to make a non traditional easter project and here is what I came up with.
Had this big wooden egg with stand (also 13arts!) and the wooden block
which were perfect to create this girl!

This project was given two coats of gesso first.
With a stencil and modeling paste I made the lines.
I applied the Mika flakes with acrylic gel medium.
Between the flakes I added the fine-grained grit.
Some extra color, chalk lilac, was added for more color.
Some white Splash! ink for the finishing touch.

Love how the Mika flakes looks like broken eggshells. In my imagination it is anyway! :)
The big flowers are from a children's hair clip and had the right color for this project.

Love all the texture from the flakes and grit!

Added some pink decorative crystals, also a new product in the 13arts store.

Yummy textures! 

My girl, all dressed up with flowers, flakes, crystals, a polymer swirl and a winged nut.
She is wishing you a lovely Easter!

13arts products used:

Enjoy your day!
Ingrid xxx

vrijdag 27 maart 2015

art journal pages *13arts*

Today I want to share some art journal pages.
Always wanted to start with my own journal and finally I had some time to play!
My first pages, so be kind to me! LOL!!
All the paints are from 13arts.


All the paints and other medium can be found in the 13arts store
They have lots of awesome new products!

Enjoy your day! 
Ingrid xxx

zondag 22 maart 2015

Easter wreath *Maja Design* with step by step tutorial

It's almost Easter, thought I would make me a lovely home decoration.
Made this wreath with a step by step photo tutorial.
For this project I used the Vintage Spring Basics collection from Maja Design.

I started this project by giving the straw wreath a coat of gesso.
Here I used the gesso from 13 arts.

Only a thin coat will do. I wanted to see the original color of the straw shining through. 

For the next step I punched out some different shapes of flowers.

Put them on a big plate and started to wet the punched flowers using a mini mister.

Maja papers are so nice and thick and they can hold quite some water.

Then I started to crumble all the wet flowers.

Set them aside to get almost dry.

I cut out some strips of paper as well. All about ca. 1 cm.

They got the same treatment as the flowers, some water and crumbled.

All crumbled and wet and set aside to completely dry.
These strips will give a lovely ribbon effect on the wreath!

When the punched flowers were almost dry, I took 3 flowers, unfold them and shaped them,
putting them together using a brad.

Here are the final flowers.
Before adding them to the wreath, make sure they are completely dry!

On the top left and right corner I added some lace and some white twigs.

Now it's time to add all those lovely paper flowers and faux ribbons to the wreath!

Here is the top left with some lace and also some single punched flowers, 
which are adhered with a small pin.

Found these cute little birds at Xenos, a Dutch home decor store.

Some flowers with pearl brads.

The large feathered butterflies are also from Xenos.

The strips of papers, the faux ribbons, gives it a nice and playful extra touch.

The single punched flowers with a small pin.

Hope you all enjoyed this step by step.
Wishing you a wonderful Easter and Spring! 
Enjoy your day!
Ingrid xxx

Papers used:
3rd of May
4th of May
7th of May

vrijdag 13 maart 2015

March Moodboard *Maja Design*

Here is my entry for the March Moodboard at Maja design.
Another birthday so another birthday cake! :)

I got this preformed cake at Pipoos, but this can easily made with single small boxes as well.

Come play at Maja Design and have a chance to win some gorgeous Maja papers! 

Made the flowers with a rolled flower die.

The wooden key was given a coat with gesso.

To imitate some whipped cream I added some modeling paste and small beads into the wet paste.
Gave it a touch with gesso on the beads.

Papers used:

Enjoy your day!
Ingrid xxx

maandag 9 maart 2015

march challenge *13arts*

Here is my entry for the march challenge at 13arts.
Made this canvas, create with passion.

Started this one by glueing some strips of the All is love papers.
Made the circles with modeling paste and a stencil.
For some more texture I mixed gesso with micro beads and plastic filler.
Added all the paint.

The march moodboard:
I was inspired by the frames, the flowers, the circles and texture.
If you want to join us, check out the 13 arts blog HERE

Some turquoise beads and flat pearls.

I outlined the textured circles with a white pen to let them stand out more.

Flowers from my stash.

The mix of gesso and micro beads and plastic filler gives it a great texture!

These metal frames also were in my stash forever.
Gave them a coat with gesso and lightly sanded the edges.

13arts products used:

Enjoy your day!
Ingrid xxx