donderdag 22 december 2016

winter canvas

A winter canvas today with lots of natural products which I found at a winter fair.

With this piece I want to wish my family and friends a Merry Christmas 
and all the best for the New Year!!
Wishing you a healthy, creative, good, peaceful and happy 2017!! 

Created the background with a snowflake stencil from Hobbyshop Sandra.
Glued down the art stones, also from Sandra, and added the paints.
The frame is a mini canvas. Removed the fabric and painted the frame with brown paint.
Once dry, I added a layer with gesso. 
Letting this dry again, on some places extra long with the heat tool to get that bubble effect.
Sanded some places to get that old weathered look.

I love to go to winter fairs! I always find something which I can use for my projects! :)
This time I found the mini pinecones, the bigger ones and those twisted twigs.

A piece from Maja design papers.

The snowflake stencil from Sandra.

Love these finds! :)

Found some paper flowers with lace which were in my stash forever.

These art stones are just great to create some texture!

Here you can see the effect of the paint with gesso.
The bubbles from the heat tool creates great textures.

After the paints I gave the background and the art stones a touch with some gesso.

Also touched by some gesso, just like snow. :)

Keep warm my friends and enjoy your day!
Ingrid xxx

dinsdag 20 december 2016

friends canvas/layout

Hello everyone! 
My daughter Yiscka is now on vacation to the United States of America.
She will be visiting a friend, Taylor whom she met during her internship two years ago. 
These girls kept in touch all of these years and finally Yiscka was able to go visit. 
To say they are excited is an understatement! :) 
The photo is of back then when there was lots of snow 
so I wanted this canvas/layout to have that same wintery feeling. 
Surrounded the lovely photo with lots of flowers and 
other embellishments to create a warm cozy cluster.
Added some small cotton balls to mimic the snow.
This canvas will be a gift and because Taylor loves green,
  I made this wintery scene in her favorite color.


Started this page with a snowflake stencil (Hobbyshop Sandra) and some modeling paste.
Added the paints with some water to get a watercolor effect.
Made some splashes with splash paint from 13Arts.
The chipboard frame circle is also from Sandra and I used puffy paint to create that snowy effect.

Distressed the edges from this word piece.

Some puffy paint on the chipboard frame.

The lovely snowflake stencil.

Best friends!

Some wooden pieces and small pinecones.
The gorgeous green berries are from Scrap-Unlimited.

Some gesso on a metal flower.

All touched by the gesso.

Some small wooden beads and some crystal beads which mimic frozen waterdrops.

Hadn't much green flowers left in my stash so I painted all the flowers.

Keep warm my friends! 
Enjoy your day! 
Ingrid xxx

donderdag 1 december 2016

canvas layout "together"

Hello everyone!

A layout/canvas today with a photo of my beautiful girls.
Since the oldest left the nest, these two sisters are much closer than before!
It's an 'old' photo but still one of my favorites! 

Started the layout/canvas with modeling paste and a stencil from Hobbyshop Sandra
Added the acrylic paints with a brush and some water.
Toned it down with some gesso using a sponge.
Watered some paint for the splatters.

The chipboard hearts are from Scrapinic.

The beautiful stencil is from Hobbyshop Sandra.

The big swirls chipboard is also from Hobbyshop Sandra.
Painted them with blue acrylic paint and some gesso.

Those little cute berries are from Scrap-Unlimited.

Another piece of a chipboard swirl.

Added some threads and paperclips for an extra touch and texture.

Enjoy your day! 
Ingrid xxx