zaterdag 3 december 2011

Hi all!!!

Yes, I did it! Finally made a blog!
Hope you will enjoy my place on the web!
Let me start with my latest creations, inspired by winter and x-mas.
A all white winter canvas. Had so much fun making this!
A little wooden box. Made this for a friend as a little x-mas gift.
And a x-mas card.

Have a wonderful day!
Ingrid xxx

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh my gosh..this is over the top gorgeous!! love it so much!

  2. deze is ook al zo prachtig gaaf hoor !!

    groetjes carla

  3. Beautiful!! Love the pine cones and the items you used- this look is so unique! The mini printer's drawer in the canvas is fantastic! I also love how you used the mini pine cones- very very beautiful!

  4. Hi sweetie, Finally Finally you created a blog for everyine to enjoy your art!!!!! Welcome to blogland.
    Your canvas turned out so beautiful and crisp... I love it.

  5. Heyyy Ingrid,heb de link van Mir gekregen,zo zeg..echt mooi je scrapszeg...daar kan ik nooit aan tippen hoor!
    Heb je het zelf verzonnen of via een boekje gezien?
    Succes met je site en het scrappen!
    Groetjes Monique(Moon) Barner