maandag 9 juli 2012

Back from vacation

Hi all!

It's been a long time since my last post but I was enjoying a three week vacation with hubby,
including one week in Samos, Greece.
Greece was yet again wonderful: lovely sunny days, beautiful scenery, gorgeous quiet beaches, need I say more? We really enjoyed this week together!
Took a lot of photo's so beware of all the vacation layouts!LOL!

But first let me start with a project I made for someone at work who just retired.
We, the only 6 girls of the company, thought it would be fun to dress up as old women(didn't need  much changes!LOL) and organized a quiz, sketches, prizes, etc. for his fare-well party.
The lovely lady in the beige flower dress is me.
Notice the white socks and handbag!LOL
The beautiful(..) lady in the middle is 'ma Flodder', a famous actress in a popular TV show, the Dutch girls here will probably recognize her!
Oh well, let me tell you, we had a lot of fun together!

About this project:
I used a wooden frame and painted it with gesso and crackle medium to get the old look.
Decorated it with a lot of 'stuff' from the company:
cocoa beans, coins from Ghana( this is where most beans come from), 
cocoa butter, the company logo and some old lab journaling.
Too bad we don't make chocolates but only sell the butter!LOL
(My job is to analyze the whole process, from the beans to the butter, in the lab).
It was quite a challenge to make this with no flowers,
but he loved this gift with the photo of the "girls"!

here are some details:

Have a wonderful day!
Ingrid xxx

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Haha, hij is geweldig! En die foto!
    Jij bent de mooiste oude taart die ik ken! :D
    gaaf project en welkom terug!
    Ik snap waarom Griekenland je favoriet is...
    turquoise zee en witte huisjes = Ingrid pallet!
    xxx, C

  2. Haha, echt geweldig! Ik weet zeker dat dit heel erg in de smaak zal vallen!
    Fijn om te horen dat je zo'n heerlijke vakantie hebt gehad. Volgens mij was het wel snikheet in Griekenland. Wij hadden in Oostenrijk al 35 graden.

  3. Ha ha, the photo is too funny. I like all the cool embellishments you included. What a great memory and what an extraordinary vacation you had, I'm so envious. Glad you're back, I missed you.

  4. Looks like you ladies have a great time at work! :) Your friend will love this gift and cherish that memory I'm sure! Fantastic job!

  5. Ingrid - I love this! I would like to make something similar for a nurse I work with who is just retiring. Can you let me know where you get the teeny jars from?

    Also - does that title actually translate as 'old tarts'?!!

  6. Well that explains that, I had popped on over here a couple of times but there was no new work to view I thought you may have been off at CHA. Hope you had some R & R.