vrijdag 11 januari 2013

birthday cake

Hi all!

Made this birthday cake for Tessa, who turned 22 last monday.
Inside the cake are some sweet little "love you because..." notes.

Used some fiber paste to create the whipped cream look.
Added the small beads into the wet paste.
Once dried, everything got a touch of gesso.

Some details:

Enjoy your day!
Ingrid xxx

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Saw this on Scrapbooking site & just had to see more!!!
    No idea how you did this incredible work of genius. Totally blows me away!!!
    Caroline :)

  2. Jee, Ingrid, wat ben je toch ongelooflijk creatief! Wat is dit mooi! Ik ben echt een grote fan van je en kijk af en toe naar je layouts,niet om je stijl te leren, ik ben meer een " over de top " scrapper en dat zal ik ook niet veranderen. Maar ik kan gewoon genieten van de prachtige dingen die je maakt.Vooral de kleurencombis.

  3. I particularly enjoyed today's "birthday" post since today is my 69th birthday. Loved see all the detail in this fun art project. You were definitely think outside "the box" this time and it is scrumptious!

  4. WOW...this is amazing...one of the most beautiful decorations I have ever seen in scrapbooking! I love the idea, I love the colors, the design, everything you have done!!! I sure hope you do not mind me stealing this idea to try and create one myself!! It is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  5. Absolutely stunning !!!! There was a ton of work that went into that...and it is breathtaking!!!!

  6. This is just beyond gorgeous!!! Fabulous details.

  7. Awesome!! The beads look fantastic in amongst the other beautiful details.