zaterdag 10 mei 2014

colored glass bottle Shimmerz -with tutorial-

Hi all!
 Today I'm sharing an altered glass bottle with lots of yummy Shimmerz!
I also made a step by step photo tutorial.
Here is the final result after playing with all the colors!

But let me start with the step by step photo's:
This is what you need to get started:
a glass bottle, Mod Podge, a brush and some paper kitchen towel.

Tear up some of the paper towel and glue them on the bottle with the Mod Podge.

If you crumble up the towel, you get some great texture!

After drying it should look like this.

Didn't like the clear spots on the bottle, so I gave it an extra layer with Gesso.

This is the bottle with the pieces of paper towel and a layer of Gesso.
Now it's time to add some color!

For the first layer I started with the sprays:
Vibez: Razzle Dazzel Berry, Princess, Jeni B Blue
Spritz: Carribean Sunset

Let the paints run in to each other for a nice effect.

For some extra pops of color I used the following Shimmerz products:
Dazzelerz: Gummy Berry Blue, Grapetastic, Pucker Up Pink
Texturez: Brick Wall
Used a brush to add the paints on the bottle.
Sprayed with some water to let the colors run a little.

Love these colors together.

Also added some splashes of the sprays.

I wanted to highlight all the cracks so I took an old kitchen sponge
with some Gesso and dapped lightly on the textures.

The Gesso makes all the cracks just pop!

Now it's time to decorate the bottle.

Shimmerz paints are just perfect for coloring your flowers.
Just add some water to the Dazzelerz and Texturez paints.

I didn't use the pink ones but they will be handy for another project!

Tip: Don't waste any of those gorgeous Shimmerz.
Just take some paper towel and clean up the plate.

Mmm....this could be another lovely project.
You can use this as a great background on almost everything!
Just glue the paper towel with Gesso or Mod Podge.

And here is the final result after all the fun!

And some details:

Shimmerz products used:
Vibez: Razzel Dazzel Berry
Vibez: Princess
Vibez: Jeni B Blue
Spritz: Carribean Sunset
Dazzelerz: Gummy Berry Blue
Dazzelerz: Grapetastic
Dazzelerz: Pucker Up Pink
Texturez: Brick Wall

Hope you all liked this tutorial and you get inspired to use the yummy Shimmerz as well! :)
If you place a Shimmerz order, make sure you mention my name in the "Instructions to Merchant"
space and you will get a FREE sample!! 

Enjoy your day! 
Ingrid xxx

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  1. Wauw, dat ziet er gaaf uit! Prachtige kleuren en mooi zoals je met de Shimmerz hebt gewerkt!

  2. your work is amazing and so are you amazing Ingrid .... love all that you create ... hugz

    Baden is having a rough time with his radiotherapy for his cancer .... slow going but each day is a step closer to the light x