dinsdag 31 maart 2015

precious - sketchabilities #136 and 13arts

13arts and sketchabilities are teaming up again!
Made this layout of my precious girls with lots of all the new goodies from 13arts!

Created a lot of texture with the mika flakes and the grit.

Added the new Splash! color turquoise, which is going to be a new favorite of mine! :)

Did you know that 13arts also has awesome basic scrapbook pages?
This is a gorgeous white striped one.

13arts products used:

Enjoy your day! 
Ingrid xxx

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Oeh, die ziet er gaaf uit! Ik vind vooral je achtergrondwerk met de verf en kraaltjes echt prachtig.

  2. I know that every time I visit your blog - I will see something I love. And, your layout of your daughters is absolutely beautiful (as are they). I love the colors, textures and pretty flowers! Thank you for sharing your art!.