zondag 22 mei 2016

two photo frames

Hi all! Today I have two photo frames with photo's of my girls and their boyfriends.
These frames are 15x15cm.

My intention was to take out the glass from the frames and start with that.
This glass, however, was stuck and didn't come loose so I decided to use it's transparency.
Glued the paper towel on the glass with the gel medium
 and once dry I gave it a touch with some gesso,
just enough to keep it transparant.
(I have these frames before my window in my hobby room and
 I just love the way the light shines through!)
The next step was to glue down all the flowers and other embellishments.
Gave it a coat with gesso before all the paints.
Set aside to let dry completely and finish with touches of gesso to get this look.

My youngest girl.

My oldest girl.

Nothing is safe from some gesso! :)

Some beads.

Love plate from my stash. Treated with some gesso and added some thread.

Some metal leaves.

A metal clock handle.

A piece from an old necklace.

Here you can see the effect from standing before my window.

Enjoy your day! 
Ingrid xxx

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