zondag 14 augustus 2016

beach canvas

Hello everyone!

A 'big' post for you today, a canvas, 30x90cm!
Made this beach canvas with a photo from our last holiday.
Used a smaller canvas as a frame for the photo.

And here are some details:
Took of the linnen so that I only had the wooden frame.
Once stripped, I painted the frame with a dark brown color.
Added some crackle paint and let it dry.
Once dry I sanded some places to get this 'old' look.

A small burlap tag, painted with some gesso.

Cluster of shells, art stones, sea star, small roses and resin swirls.

Thought these swirls looked like waves and therefor perfect for this project.

 Filled the glass bottle with some white sand.

Love these art stones, they are light and so easy to work with!

Made the background with modeling paste, paint and some crackle paste.

Enjoy your day! 
Ingrid xxx

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauw, wat onwijs gaaf! En dat canvas op een canvas is echt een goed idee!

  2. Wat is dit mooi Ingrid, gaaf om zo'n langwerpig canvas te gebruiken. Schitterende rand, ik ben er helemaal weg van.
    Lieve groetjes Miranda

  3. Ingrid this is Amazing! Saw your post on fb and had to come and get a better look. Jaw-dropping!

  4. Such awesome details... Great design... So gorgeous.

  5. Such awesome details... Great design... So gorgeous.

  6. This is amazing..I love everything about it

  7. This is amazing! I am so inspired to made a few from my tropical vacation trips!

  8. Ingrid, your works are amazing! They give a lot of inspiration!