maandag 18 maart 2013

glass bottle

Hi all!

Found this old glass bottle at a local second hand store.
Fell in love with the color of the glass and thought the Pion Design papers from the 
Fairytale of Spring collection were a perfect match.

This cute butterfly charm is actually an old earring from my daughter.
I never throw away all single earrings from my girls.
( for some reason the other one is always lost.....)
I don't mind though...they make a great embellishment!

Enjoy your day!
Ingrid xxx

14 opmerkingen:

  1. This is amazing! Rich and beautiful...every inch of it! You should submit this for PaperHaus magazine's mixed media call:

  2. Oh wauw! Dit is een echte blikvanger in huis - wat een gave fles!

  3. Hoi Ingrid, zoals je zegt, nooit te snel iets weggooien, en wat je glazen fles betreft, fantastisch mooi! Je bent een kunstenares.
    Groetjes Gerie

  4. This is so gorgeous Ingrid !! I just think its amazing!! Wow and I do the same thing about earrings!!

  5. Вау! Просто великолепие какое-то) Очень нравится!

  6. What a creative piece of art, it is totally stunning!

  7. This is so incredibly beautiful! Love!!!!

  8. In every sense of the word, you are a true artist, Ingrid! Your "found" bottle has turned into a real treasure...just gorgeous!

  9. Jest przepiękne! Jesteś ogromnie utalentowana!

  10. Thsi is soooo stunning!!!!!! i am in love!

  11. Hallo Ingrid,

    Via Pinterest op je blog terecht gekomen. Wat een prachtige creaties maak jij. Ben gelijk volger geworden, want hier wil ik niets van missen.

    gr. Silvia