zondag 24 april 2016

canvas 'LOVE'

Hello everyone!

I needed a home decor piece for my living room so I decided to make one myself! :)
It's a big canvas, 50x40cm and I used the colors of my room with turquoise as my favorite.
Used the paints, flowers and mediums from 13 arts.

For this piece I started the background with a mix from 13arts gesso and magic powder.
This mix will give it a great crackle effect!
The big twine heart was originally brown but I gave it a few layers with gesso as well.

  Made a mix from 13arts gesso and their colored grit for some extra texture.
The resin is from Scrapberry.

The big flowers are also from 13arts.
Before the paints they were given some touches with gesso.
Not completely covered but randomly so this will create the lovely effect after the paint.

Some lace, beads and buttons.

Love the texture and crackles!

The big letters are from a Dutch store, Action.

Enjoy your day! Hope it's filled with lots of love! 
Ingrid xxx

11 opmerkingen:

  1. A stunning piece of artwork Ingrid, I just love it, all the textures and colour, beautiful..x

  2. Wow! What a gorgeous home decor piece Ingrid. Loooveee the colours and the textures are amazing!! Love, love, love this .. absolutely divine work!! xx

  3. Wauw, wat zal dit mooi staan in je woonkamer. Echt heel gaaf gedaan!

  4. Ingrid - your canvas is so gorgeous - and I love your wonderful design and texture - and, of course, the colors are beautiful! I am so happy to see you back again!

  5. Really beautiful and creative, Ingrid! :)

  6. Really beautiful and creative, Ingrid! :)

  7. Ingrid this is an Amazing piece! Love all of the texture and turquoise is one of my favorite colors too. I especially love how you applied the gesso to the flowers - it looks like a "marbled" effect.

  8. ...love the horizontal line of embellishments...