zaterdag 9 augustus 2014

In our sofa - Ingrid's place- *Maja design*

At Maja Design the DT members are sharing, over the course of the year,
 a little peek at their scrap place/room.
Today it's my turn to share my little scrap place.
And little it is!! LOL
I'm not having the luxury of having my own scrap room and always make my projects on my dinner table. Not having a scrap room means you'll find my stash and products all over the place!
And I mean everywhere!! :)
My two girls are still living with us but it will not be long before they will leave the nest.
Always kidding them by asking them when they will leave so that I can redecorate their rooms into a scraproom. Shhh(don't tell)...the truth is I love having them around me!
Here are some photo's of my house, so sit back and don't mind all the mess!!

I remember buying this white cabinet and wondering how I was ever going to fill this one
and look at it now......need I say more? :)

Can you guess what's my favorite color? :)
This is the other side of my living room with a view of my small backyard.

Painted my stairway some years ago. All the colors still makes me very happy!

A rare view of one side of my living room.....empty dinner table!
Darling daughter finally has a chance to actually sit at that table!
I always try to clean up the table after every project.
Doesn't always works that way but I kinda like all the goodies at my display!

Boxes, boxes and boxes everywhere!

This is what my table looks like after another Maja project!
Now you see why I desperate need a scraproom, don't you? LOL

I have to admit I have a crazy obsession to find it difficult to throw anything away from all of those papers. Every little piece I have to keep and I even save all the leftovers from my punched flowers!
Do you think I need some help? :)

All my painting is done in my kitchen.
It's very small but somehow I find a way to work between all the cups and plates!
I'm driving my girls crazy when they need the space for making their lunch or even to make a cup of tea! No worry girls, we will find an empty place! :)

I told you it would be messy! LOL

But he....I DO clean!! 
Ready for another project! :)

Hope you all liked this post and who knows, maybe soon I will be lucky to have my own space! :)
Enjoy your day!
Ingrid xxx

16 opmerkingen:

  1. What a fun post!! I am glad I have my own little crafty space because my work table always looks like yours at its worst!! Too busy to keep it clean!! Loved reading about your (non) craft space Ingrid and having a little peek at your lovely home!! Those stairs are incredible!! ox

  2. Ha, geweldig Ingrid! En het ziet er allemaal zo gezellig nederlands uitl dat ik bijna heimwee krijg! Ik zat ook altijd zo, maar sinds de laatste jongens de deur uit zijn is er nog niets veranderd. Ik verspreid alles over het hele huis. En ik vind dat wel prettig eigenlijk :) Een voordeel van alleen wonen en de hond vindt het wel ok!

  3. Me ha encantado tu reportaje fotográfico de tu espacio de scrap, muy divertido. Felicidades por tener ese espacio que no todo el mundo puede!!!!

  4. Herkenbaar Ingrid. Dank je wel voor het delen. Leuk om te lezen.

  5. Beautiful - love the way you have displayed your stunning creations and the lovely bright colours included in your decor. Thanks for sharing.

  6. you are amazing Ingrid , your home is beautiful and just like you all the colors are so you ... together with the white it all looks fabulous . Having ones own scrap place would be perfect but we cant all have that .. you seem to have it all under control, at least you know what you have when you have to clean up each time ... my mess is a little like yours too ... then I eventually have to clean it up as the pile becomes larger and larger ... thanks so much for sharing with us all ... I can relate to having my stuff stored all over the house ... to have a scraproom would be heaven xoxoox

  7. Oh I love the bright colours of your home. Happy... I could not leave my stuff everywhere while I am creating... would drive everyone nuts. :D I kept saying the same thing to my kids.... :D

  8. Love seeing you at work Ingrid! You home is as beautiful as your work!

  9. Love seeing the space were all the wonderful art is created!!! I love the cabinet...such a pretty place to display all your beautiful creations! Thank you for sharing your home with us...!

  10. Replied on Maja's blog but had to post again how much I love the colors in your house. It is amazing!!

  11. I love your decorating! So beautiful! I hope none of my ft's every ask for this because I would have to decline. No way I would be brave enough to show my space. SCARY! lol

  12. Always lovely to see others scrappy spaces. Your home is lovely, just like your beautiful work. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Di

  13. your home is beautiful.. thanks you for sharing a little of you... I adore your staircase, and other splashes of colour, it is very much you... xox

  14. Oh I do love your scrappy space, the white against the blue looks fantastic. Even the colored stairway and dining chairs are marvelous. Love your white cabinet and display. Even though its messy sometimes, your home is a beauty and organized. Thanks for sharing Ingrid!

  15. Love to see your beautiful house, love the colorful stairs! Every time I work I made a mess too, lol! TFS! xo

  16. Hahaha, ik heb enorm gelachen om je toelichting bij de foto's, geweldig die eettafel helemaal volgestouwd met materiaal. Ik ben blij dat ik alles op mn kamertje kan laten liggen en de deur achter me dicht kan trekken, niemand die het ziet, haha, ook die foto's van de keuken, geweldig de before and after foto, lol . Je hebt wel een leuk kleurrijk huis !